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  • The Melbourne Beekeepers Club provides fellowship and beekeeping support to beekeepers in urban and rural areas
  • We deliver beekeeping education, encourage best beekeeping practice and emphasise biosecurity.
  • Club membership gives you access to all our meetings, events and training, recordings from our Zoom meetings and beekeeping resources.
  • Membership is only available to persons 18 years of age and over.


Interactive Beekeeping Zoom Forums:

    • Saturdays  (10:30am to12:00 pm AEST)
    • 4th May, 10th August

Zoom Evening Meetings (7:30 to 9:00 pm AEST) 

  • Tuesday 18th June, Tuesday 16th July, Tuesday 20th August


We assist our members to prepare for varroa by

  • Communicating advice from Australian authorities about how to best deal with varroa.
  • Liaising with beekeepers in the US and New Zealand who have successfully dealt with varroa over many years.
  • Conducting interactive Zoom meetings with these beekeepers. 
  • Conducting in-person meetings to learn from experienced Australian beekeepers about how they plan to deal with varroa.
  • Providing an extensive library of YouTube presentations about beekeeping practices, including how to deal with varroa.
  • Promoting continuous testing for varroa, including the use of drone frames.
  • Demonstrating varroa-relevant practical activities at hives.
  • Encouraging re-queening using queens from hygienic lines of bees.
  • Through our Zoom meetings, members have direct contact with experienced beekeepers in Maryland (US) and in New Zealand who have successfully managed with varroa for many years,

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